Monday, May 08, 2006

'Fitting a plug to the lead of a lamp without being able to turn the current off first...'

In revising for my Theology & Ethics exam, I have just read an article on 'Homosexual Relationships and the Bible' by David Field. A few things that stood out:

- Definitions of God based on words (e.g. 'love') in the Bible should be based on the biblical definition of that word.
- Those accepting the Bible's veto on homosexual behaviour must go out of their way to express genuine love for homosexual orientated people.
- Temptation does not equal sin.

Field's work on the biblical texts was actually quite inspiring. Notes from Andrew Goddard's talks, 'Did God Really Say?', at the True Freedom Trust 2005 conference assess the various 'challenges' to traditional thinking as well as the revisionist approaches, and they're worth reading.

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