Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Post-modernism post-pudding...

Good food, good friends, and good discussion were on the menu at 10 George Street tonight. Much chat about the gospel, how we present, do we present it the whole gospel in a fair balance. Here's a brilliant quote from Marcus H that I found as I was pondering it all - kinda spun our discussion the other way round for me...
“The real shock is not that God punishes, but that he provides any way out at all. The unfairness is not that he doesn’t rescue everyone, regardless of their deeds, but that he rescues anyone, in spite of our rebellion… Postmodernism has turned the offense of the gospel upside down. It says that Christians are offensive in proclaiming only one way of salvation. The reality of the situation is that we should be offended that there is any way of salvation. We should be offended by the cross, offended by our sin and guilt, and then immensely grateful, from the depths of our souls, for such a great and magnificent Saviour” (Marcus Honeysett, Meltdown p191)

Also, some words from the big J himself...
“…whoever does not believe stands condemned already
because he has not believe in the name of God’s one and
only Son…. whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but
whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath
remains on him” (John 3v18, 36).

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Nicholas said...

I agree mate, but there is a difference between offending someone with the truth in love, and just plane offending someone.

Chrisitians shouldn't always behave like they've got all the answers, now that we are free and redeemed we should be the ones who have all the questions. We should be setting the trends, we should be leading the discussions and it is our duty to be extending ourselves into the community and meeting people where they are instead of waiting for the community to come to us. Jesus wasn't beautiful because he was 'good looking', if you past him in the street you might not think anything about him, he was beautiful because he was radical and compassionate, slow to anger and with steadfast love.

When Jesus spoke to the crowds he was fighting against powers and principalities, which is why when we share the gospel the offense is much deeper than being right and wrong. Sure, people take offense, but surely there is a difference between offending someone with turth and just being insulting? Is that why the curch has a bad immage of arrogance and rejection? Are people really trying to make disciples or are they trying to win and argument?

Jesus ' I am the way ...'

Not ' I am in the way...'