Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ryle on Assurance...

I believe we have here one chief reason why so many in this day are inconsistent, trimming, unsatisfactory, and half-hearted in their conduct about the world. Their faith fails. They feel no assurance that they are Christ's, and so feel a hesitancy about breaking with the world. They shrink from laying aside all the ways of the old man, because they are not quite confident they have put on the new. In short, I have little doubt that one secret cause of "halting between two opinions" is want of assurance. When people can decidedly say, 'The Lord, He is the God,' (1 Kings 18.39) their course becomes very clear.
J. C. Ryle, Holiness

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Sarah (from South Africa) said...

Sho! THERE is some assurance for me, been pondering that very thing - got so many visions and afraid to run with them... i guess it's much easier to say that God is in control when living in a bubble, than when you are out 'breaking with the world'. it's true - assurance comes from KNOWING you are Christ's, and He meets you where your weakness lies and fills in those gaps. faith will always be about stepping out...shot Robin, challenged again!!!