Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mission in Durham...

It's nearly half-way point in the DICCU's One Hope week, and it is physically and emotionally a draining experience. Last night Graham Daniels spoke from John 1.14 and 20.31 to kick off our evening events, all based on John's gospel, and yesterday lunchtime Peter Williams from Aberdeen Divinity Dept. spoke at a lunchbar on the reliability of the Bible.

It's been a joy to be joined by Christian Union guests from all over the country who've come up to spend the week in colleges, meeting up with students, and speaking at events - grace means people serve.
It's been great to read in Jonah of the grace of God - salvation belongs to Him - and this is the salvation we hold out this week - what purpose there is to evangelism, the saving of souls, and the glory of God.

Pray we'd be sustained, and stay close to Jesus.

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mary said...

hello(!), just wanted to let you know that even in my more-than-slightly-skeptical-about-the-wisdom -of-this state, I have been praying for you, and others I know involved this week, and I really hope (no pun intended) that the last talks and the explore courses bring people closer to Jesus. One God, One Saviour, One Hope, Amen!