Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Morning I Heard God Speak...

Cracking article by John Piper here. Read and marvel.

HT: Nathan


conners said...

That is a great article!
God is so gracious in giving us His Word and speaking to us daily through it :)
But, I still think that we shouldn't limit how God can speak in different ways e.g through other people, through feelings within us, dreams etc... yes these are all fallible and God hasn't promised to speak to us by these ways, but it doesn't mean that He won't or doesn't... I guess all these things still come down to God's Word though, we need to check everything measures up to it!

Tom Underhill said...

Really, really, really good. What an awesome thing it is to have His Word on tap for us! Why search inside for a 'feeling' that may or may not be from Him, when there's pure, undisputable Truth so surely and easily found?

conners said...

yes, but in certain situations the Bible doesn't give us the exact answer e.g. deciding which uni to go to - God may want us at a particular place, but that guidance won't be found in the Bible.
God is personal, and cares for us intimately and because of that He can and does lead us in more detailed/specific ways, as well as by His Word.